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Water Cooling Corp.
P.O. Box 220056
Rosedale, NY 11422

Phone: (718) 528-4000
Toll Free: (888) 201-3201
Fax: (718) 525-1826

   Elliot Miller, Sales Engineer
   Jason Pine, Sales Dept.
Year Established: 1950
Employees: 6 - 19
Sales: $1 - 4.9 Mil

Distributor Of Centrifugal Pumps & Plastic Tanks


Brand Names:
ABS, Alemite, All-Flo, Allis-Chalmers, American, American Jabsco, Amtech, Aro, Aurora, BMJ, Banjo, Beckson, Bell & Gossett, Blue & White, Brown & Sharpe, Burks, CH&E, Cat, Chem-Tainer, Chem-Tech, Corcoran, Crane Dynapump, Eastern, Eco, Ecodyne, Enpo-Cornell, FMI, Fairbanks Morse, Fill-Rite, Flojet, Flotec, Gast, Gelber, Gorman-Rupp, Graco, Graymills, Great Plains, Henderer, Hydra-Cell, Hydracell, Hypro, Iwacki, Jabsco, KPM, Kenco, LMI, LeRoi Dresser, Little Giant, Lobee, Lutz, MTH, March, Masterflex, Mec-O-Matic, Meyers, Micropump, Neptune, Oberdorfer, PMI, Peabody Barnes, Price, Pulsafeeder, Raven, Serfilco, Sethco, Shurflo, Simer, Snyder, Standard, Starite, Thompson, Tri-Clover Viking, Tuthill, Vanton, Viking, Watco, Webster, Weinman, Wilden, Yamada

Products and Services:
  Pumps: Centrifugal
  Tanks: Plastic
  Bags: Filter  
  Boxes: Plastic  
  Boxes: Tote  
  Cans: Plastic  
  Cans: Steel  
  Chemical Plant Equipment & Services  
  Containers: Hazardous Material  
  Containers: Plastic  
  Containers: Shipping  
  Containers: Storage  
  Contractors' Equipment & Supplies  
  Covers: Drum  
  Covers: Protective  
  Dispensers: Adhesive  
  Dispensers: Liquid  
  Doors: Access  
  Drainage Equipment, Systems & Supplies  
  Drum Handling Equipment  
  Drums: Metal  
  Drums: Plastic  
  Filter Bags  
  Filters: Process  
  Fittings: Pipe  
  Fittings: Plastic  
  Fittings: Special  
  Fittings: Stainless Steel  
  Fittings: Tube  
  Food Processing Equipment & Supplies  
  Hardware: Electronic  
  Heaters: Electric  
  Hoists: Accessories, Parts & Supplies  
  Instruments: Recording & Indicating  
  Insulation: Heat & Cold  
  Irrigation Equipment: Agricultural  
  Laboratory Equipment & Supplies  
  Ladders: Fiberglass  
  Liners: Drum  
  Machinery: Agricultural  
  Marine Equipment & Supplies  
  Material Handling Equipment  
  Mining Equipment & Supplies  
  Mixers: Batch  
  Mixers: Continuous  
  Mixers: Frequency  
  Mixers: Laboratory  
  Mixers: Portable  
  Motors: Ac  
  Non Industrial Products  
  Plastic Fabrications: Compression Molded  
  Plastic Pumps  
  Plastics: Injection Molded  
  Plating Equipment & Supplies  
  Pump Parts  
  Pumping Systems  
  Pumps: Air  
  Pumps: Air Operated  
  Pumps: Boiler Feed  
  Pumps: Chemical  
  Pumps: Condensation  
  Pumps: Diaphragm  
  Pumps: Drum  
  Pumps: Fire  
  Pumps: Flow  
  Pumps: Fuel Oil  
  Pumps: Gasoline Dispensing  
  Pumps: Gear  
  Pumps: Hand  
  Pumps: Heat  
  Pumps: High Pressure  
  Pumps: Hydraulic  
  Pumps: Hydrostatic Test  
  Pumps: Magnetic  
  Pumps: Metering  
  Pumps: Plastic  
  Pumps: Plunger  
  Pumps: Portable  
  Pumps: Positive Displacement  
  Pumps: Pressure  
  Pumps: Progressive, Cavity  
  Pumps: Proportioning  
  Pumps: Rotary  
  Pumps: Sanitary  
  Pumps: Sealless  
  Pumps: Self-priming  
  Pumps: Sewage  
  Pumps: Slurry, Slush & Sludge  
  Pumps: Stainless Steel  
  Pumps: Submersible  
  Pumps: Sump  
  Pumps: Test  
  Pumps: Tube  
  Pumps: Turbine  
  Pumps: Vacuum  
  Pumps: Vertical  
  Restaurant Equipment & Supplies  
  Sampling Equipment  
  Shelving: Steel  
  Spill Containment Equipment & Supplies  
  Storage Equipment  
  Tables: Work  
  Tank Supplies & Equipment  
  Tanks: Chemical  
  Tanks: Condensate  
  Tanks: Dispensing  
  Tanks: Double Wall  
  Tanks: Fiberglass  
  Tanks: Oil  
  Tanks: Stainless Steel  
  Tanks: Steel  
  Tanks: Storage  
  Tanks: Thermal Control  
  Tanks: Truck  
  Tanks: Water  
  Tie-downs: Cargo, Freight  
  Truck & Automotive Equipment & Parts  
  Valves: Ball  
  Valves: Check  
  Valves: Float  
  Valves: Plastic  
  Vessels: Pressure  
  Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Systems & Supplies  
  Water Treating Equipment  



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